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Shakira to perform with Coldplay

6 2017. : Shakira

Thursday nights ceremony will feature a special performance by Shakira but unfortunately, not in the flesh.

The Colombian pop singer will be at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany and perform with Coldplay.
Interesting combination.

The Euro festival is raising awareness for those living in extreme poverty.

PJ 2017 this year expanded its focus to other social causes as well. The Agentes de Cambio (Agents of Change) category six Latinos under the age of 30 from throughout the country will be recognized onstage for their work on behalf of the environment, education and social inclusion.

Everyone is encouraged to click onto www.premiosjuventud.com, to share the social causes they champion with the hashtag #IStandUpFor.
In keeping with the spirit of Premios Juventud this year and the focus on social action, we are pleased to add the surprise performance of Shakira with Coldplay, thanks to Global Citizen, an organization focused on eradicating poverty and making the world a better place through the actions of each and every citizen, said Univisions President of Music Jorge Pepo Ferradas. dle 11.3